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financing and developing high-impact climate mitigation projects


TASC is a carbon finance and project development company. We are uniquely positioned to identify emerging opportunities in the carbon market. Our capabilities include:

• Origination of projects that reduce CO2 emissions

• Project finance

• Carbon compliance

• Local project management

• Carbon credit commercialization

TASC story

In 2003, TASC shareholders established ICECAP, a pioneer in international carbon markets. ICECAP developed deep expertise in project origination, portfolio management and carbon credit trading:

• Managed €500m assets, generated 40m tonnes CO2 reductions

• Set up one of the first private sector carbon funds

• First to sell derivative contracts and to structure floating price ERPAs


ICECAP originated carbon credits from over 80 projects:

• Countries: China, India, Peru and South Africa

• Methodologies: Renewables, Landfill Gas, Waste Heat Recovery

• Counterparties: Investec, Enel, Marubeni, JP Morgan, Barcap


In 2007, ICECAP sold its carbon business and the principals set up 3 Rocks Ltd: a carbon project developer. 3 Rocks Ltd subsequently distributed 40,000 efficient cookstoves in Zambia and sold over 200,000 CERs to the Swedish Energy Agency. 3 Rocks is now owned by TASC.


In 2019, TASC was founded to explore new opportunities in global carbon markets. TASC is currently extending the Zambia project and starting new projects in Australia, South Africa and Zimbabwe. TASC now has subsidiaries in Australia and South Africa.


UK & Europe:

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South Africa:

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